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Covid-19: Communicate how you’re reducing risks in your holiday rentals

Government guidelines currently indicate that UK holiday rentals may be able to open for business again later in the summer.  There are some simple ways to reassure guests that you are acting responsibly now, preparing to welcome them to your holiday accommodation once more. Tell them about any new procedures you’re putting in place to ensure their safety following the outbreak of the C-19 pandemic.

1. Add a pop-up message to your website

Encouraging guests to book direct includes instilling confidence that you are running a professional business. So alongside providing a safe and secure platform to book and pay online, communicate the steps you are taking to ensure your guests’ safety is paramount. Eg. How has your cleaning routine changed? Are you using different products to ensure all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected during changeover? Are you increasing the turnaround time between bookings? Any changes you have made that demonstrate the extra care you are taking will help build trust. This has to be a part of your messaging from now on and should be reinforced wherever relevant.

2. Post a short video on Instagram and Facebook

Show guests the faces behind the scenes. What’s been happening during the past few months? How have you been preparing to re-open. As with the pop-up, use this platform to communicate your commitment to safeguard your guests (and your community). And do this sooner rather than later. It is expected we will see a surge in staycations when lockdown is eased – so people could be searching for their perfect holiday close to home right now.

You can also use your 3D tours on Facebook; they are a fantastic feature that lets potential guests step inside and take a look around before booking. It’s simple to add it using the original URL we send you, but it’s also a great source of fresh content because you can use it again and again to show a different view every time. Here’s a short video to show you how:

Use your 3D tours on Facebook | ACT Independent

3. Email your previous guests

Reach out to people who have stayed at your properties before to let them know how you’ve adapted your procedures. Include information about any renovations or updates you’ve been busy doing during lockdown – and remember to include a link to make it easy for them to book direct.

4. Tweak your OTA listing

Big online travel agents (OTAs) like Airbnb and have been encouraging owners to update their listings to include safety and cleaning procedures put in place since the outbreak. If you list on any of these channels, please ensure you do this to remain competitive in their searches.

5. Add signage

In addition to informing guests about the general cleaning procedures that ensure guests’ safety, this is especially relevant for business that provide facilities with shared communal areas. So if you have a swimming pool, spa or even wash areas (eg if you have a campsite), it will be important to show that you are taking reasonable steps to act responsibly to comply with social distancing requirements etc.

As always the team at ACT are here to chat about how we can help you market your hospitality business. We really are the one stop shop. Our specialised, niche little team delivers the best professional photography and 3D tours, beautiful bespoke and unique websites, digital marketing advice and guidance to help get your holiday properties seen. Call us on 0845 8621 661 or email to find out more.

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